Be Productive, Not Busy

…being productive leaves you with more energy and mental bandwidth.

Everyone is busy. The question is, are you productive?

You are productive if you accomplish your goals, complete projects, and ship your work. If not, you have substituted the urgent for the important, allowing busyness to hijack your efforts.
Your work is essential, don’t let busyness rob you.

“Never confuse motion with action.”

Benjamin Franklin

So, let’s try to become less busy and more productive.

What’s the difference, you ask?

Busy is hurried, frazzled, fast, careless, exhausting, jam-packed, overwhelmed, and fueled by perfectionism and multitasking. You can be busy all day yet still feel like you are behind by the end of your day, never having accomplished your goals.

On the other hand, productivity is filled with focus, purpose, intent, working more intelligent, and goal-oriented. Productive people move closer to their goals each day. They know their strengths and can focus their efforts on what they do best, one task at a time. When you are productive, you move closer to your goals every day.

Some tactics to shift from busy to productive:

· Focus on one task at a time.
· Be present for your work by eliminating distractions.
· Learn to say “No” to the unimportant.
· Do the “hardest” work first, don’t procrastinate.

Give these a try. You may find that being productive leaves you with more energy and mental bandwidth. With this, you can be more present for yourself and those around you.


Author: David Darab

As a business strategist (SBSP), Financial Advisor, Certified Exit Planner (CEPA), and Professional Business Advisor (CPBA) I help business owners reach their potential by blending creativity, strategy, and financial insight to identify obstacles, create action and accelerate value.